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Monday, February 7, 2011

How to get IPv6 on Windows lappy

Update 2011-05-11: I have now ditched Freenet6 and am now using SixXS.

To get IPv6 going on the lappy, I had been using a tunnel from Hurricane Electric. One of the advantages for me was that the PoP is in London, which gives me a low latency connection.

But this was not without problems. Because it uses protocol 41 tunneling, it doesn't work through a conventionally NATted connection. To get around this, HE provides a public IPv4 address through a PPTP connection. The problem with this is that it then stuffs all of your IPv4 traffic through the PPTP connection, which is a bit smelly.

But recently discovered the gogoCLIENT from gogo6. This seems to be able to set up a tunnel over IPv4/UDP to Freenet 6. This then means that IPv4 traffic goes over its usual (direct) route, and IPv6 traffic is sent through the tunnel.

Now, my local Freenet 6 PoP is in Amsterdam. This is not the best, but at least it is on the same continent.

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