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Thursday, February 10, 2011

cahoot is now total rubbish

Have been using cahoot for a bank for a few years now.

To begin with, they were really good. But in recent times they have gone downhill, and are now complete rubbish.

The on-line banking regularly does not work and says "service is suspended. We are currently updating our systems. This takes approximately 5 minutes. Please wait until the cahoot service is resumed. Thanks for your patience."

Now cahoot is just a branch of Santander. Despite Santander being part of the Faster Payments Service, cahoot does not support Faster Payments, and there are apparently no plans to do so. So it seems if I want 20th century banking, cahoot should be my first choice. No thanks.

Another thing they have started doing is to "accidentally" block my on-line access. When I phone them up to report this, they act like they don't know what it is and say they will have to call me back. After about half a day, they phone back and say it was "mysteriously" blocked for no reason that they can determine. They then say that they can restore access, but first they have to "take me through security". They then tell me that they are restoring access. This seemingly takes about ten minutes, during which time they make various noises to indicate they are going through umpteen different things on their computer. They then tell me that it is done. What confuses me is why they didn't just do it before calling me back, and why I have to sit on the phone listening to them operate their computer for ten minutes. Bizarre.

cahoot now appear to have totally lost the plot and seem to be completely incompetent.

So I am now in the process of moving to another bank.

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