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Sunday, January 25, 2009

7-Zip rocks

7-Zip rocks.

It's free.

It has unicode filenames.

It has a mode whereby you can make semi-solid archives. Huh? Yes, part way between a solid archive (like a tar.gz) and a loose archive (like a zip). It puts a whole bunch of files together (but not all of them) and compresses that as a single block. But there is a user-specified limit on how much stuff goes in each block. This then gives you the advantages of stream compression, whilst still leaving it quick and easy to "dip into" a huge archive.

Just for fun, 7-zip can also create Zip files which are completely standard and extractable by any other Zip software, but which are more tightly packed than other softwares can achieve.

It exists for Windows, and there's a Debian package, and there's a (3rd party) RHEL package.