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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Adobe Flash player direct download link

Update 2011-11-02: The links below are currently returning an old version of Flash (, rather than the current version 11. For download links for Adobe Flash Player version 11, see my later post Adobe Flash Player 11 direct download links.

I kept Googling for these, and sifting through the search results to find the "good" answers.

To save me having to do that again, I thought it might be a good idea to find the good answers, and then write them down here.

Adobe Flash player direct download for Firefox [URL now de-linked and shown for posterity only. See Adobe Flash Player 11 direct download links]
Adobe Flash player direct download for Internet Explorer [URL now de-linked and shown for posterity only. See Adobe Flash Player 11 direct download links]

Monday, September 12, 2011

'puppet resource user' fails with 'Could not find file /root/resource.pp'

Trying to follow the documentation for 'Puppet', we try a simple

puppet resource user

only to find that we are presented with the error message 'Could not find file /root/resource.pp'.

Googling over the error message returns nothing useful.

The answer is that in Puppet v2.6.0 things were changed to use a single binary rather than several binaries, but you are using a version of Puppet prior to v2.6.0 (for example you are using the one out of Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (Puppet v0.25.4).

(In case you're wondering why the Ubuntu 10.04 version appears to be so hideously ancient, the answer is that it isn't; Puppet switched version numbering paradigms and went straight from v0.25.5 to v2.6.0.)

puppet resource is the new way to invoke ralsh. So the way to do what we originally set out to do it to use

ralsh user

which will give you a dump of user data in Puppet RAL format.

If you have a look at the relevant bit of the changelog you can see the relationship between the new forms and the old forms.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Stop HS2

In order to secure a debate on HS2 in the House of Commons, 100,000 signatures are needed on the e-petition below. Previous signatures whether electronic or on paper, are not counted - please log-in and sign now.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Perldoc down was down recently. This prompted me to dust off an old idea I'd had to create a Perl documentation site closer to home.

So I have set up This is UK-based and UK-administered, and just works, without going down for a week at a time because of mysterious router problems.

If you're wondering why this post is so similar to the previous one, the answer is that a popular web searching system, whose name begins with a G, did not seem to want to index that page over the phrase "perldoc down", which is where I would like to get listed. Hence this page, which is titled "Perldoc down", so there should now be no excuse for them not to index it.