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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What the heck is CRALECELECT?

More idiotic behaviour from my utterly useless bank.

A transaction appeared on my credit card statement with the description:

CRALECELECT 44845508105

CRALECELECT? What's that then? A single word Cralecelect? Crale Celect? Google for it? Zero hits.

What about the number 44845508105? Looks a bit like a phone number +44 845 508105. Unfortunately not enough digits.

Why can't my bank pass on some USEFUL information which would help me to identify the merchant?

After some head scratching, I have worked out that it is Cralec Electrical Distributors. I placed an order with Elite Electric, which seems to actually resolve down to Cralec Electrical. Their phone number is 0845 508 1055.

I had placed the order so long ago that I'd actually forgotten about it. Unfortunately they seem to have decided that despite having taken my money, they don't need to actually fulfil my order. I phoned them up today to ask for an ETA. They took my number and said they'd call back. Needless to say they haven't. Ah well.

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